About Me

Hello, my name is Baiyu Andrew Song, and welcome to my personal blog.

I am excited about telling you who I am, and what this site is about. I have been blogging since 2006, first in Chinese and then in English, but I have never committed myself to it. To be honest, I never considered blogs as a trustworthy source of information. Writing a blog can be egotistic, emotional, subjective, amateur and even misleading. However, it is a platform to express one’s views in a written form. Instead of promoting myself, I hope this blog will be a place for personal discipline, as well as a platform for exchanging ideas. I want to be a better writer, as well as a virtuous reader.

Based on my interests, I purposefully changed the blog’s title to Baptist, Chinese and Evangelical. All these three describe who I am––an evangelical Baptist who is ethnically Chinese. These three also provide narrative contexts for me to continuously know myself, as well as contributing to the broader dialogue. To be honest, from time to time, I struggle with these three tags, not necessarily about each individual, but the tension between them. As writing helps one to mature his thoughts, I hope reflections in this blog will be beneficial.

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